Monday -

  Any 2 pastas of your choice, with a large Caesar Salad, 2 Garlic toasts, & 2L pop

$20.99 pick up, $22.99 delivery


  2 medium pizzas (up to specialty) with FREE Yakistix and 2L pop

$29.99 pick up $31.99 delivery


​  Purchase any large pizza for regular price and get a 2nd large pizza of equal or lesser value for $6.25

Family Feast-

​  2 medium 3 topping pizzas, 10 chicken wings, yakistix, & 2L pop

​$34.99 pick up or $36.99 delivery

Upgrade to large pizzas for $5

Party Pack-

  2 medium specialty pizzas, large garden salad, cinnabits, 2L pop, 2 dipping sauces
​$33.99 pick up  $35.99 delivery
​Upgrade to large pizzas for $5.00


Lunch Special:

  2 Slices of Pizza with a can of pop or bottle of water for $5.50 incl. tax

Pizza Pick up:

  Purchase a large Pepperoni or Hawaiian Pizza for $14.25 incl. tax or any combination of these 2 for $27.00 incl. tax

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